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Poem - Find your Vinyasa

Begin on an inhale,

stand tall, mountain pose,

feel the tingle of prana from your head

to your toes.

Sweep arms wide, folding smoothly,

relinquish the mental fog,

step back with conviction,


downward facing dog.

Drop knees, focus attention,

the only moment is now,

vacate past and future,

tilt the pelvis,

cat and cow.

Return to the breath,

let all worries abate,

trust, be present,

swirl your body,

figure of eight.

Tuck the toes under,

stretch the neck with a nod,

hips back towards ankles,

downward facing dog.

Step feet between hands,

sit down, take a twist,

life doesn’t get any better than this.

Roll on spine until centred,

cease the thinking, just be,

rise up slowly, body uncurling,

find your balance,


Straddle wide, keep spine straightened,

let your musings untangle,

turn one foot, reach out gently,

soften the gaze,


Feet come together,

salute the sun,

muscles unwind and tension undone.

Feel your consciousness rising

beyond the daily smog,

fold down, spring feet backwards,

downward facing dog.

Languish in embodiment,

feel a profound strength all over,

lengthen hamstrings,

drop knees, chest and chin,

through into cobra.

Liberate shoulders downwards,

release through the quads,

notice how you are breathing,

upward facing dog.

Ease down onto your tummy,

dissolve into the ground,

notice how silence

has its own kind of sound.

Allow the heart rate to balance and slow,

arms reach backwards,

find your ankles,

float up into bow.

Lower mindfully,

breathe in the peace of God,

hands next to shoulders,

push up and over,

downward facing dog.

Let calmness rest in your body

wherever it goes,

come down on an exhale,

child’s pose.

The purple sun is waning,

the moon beginning to swell,

surrender with abandon,

day is ending,

all is well.

Come onto your back,

turn down the palms of your hands,

legs rise upwards in tandem,

chest to chin,

shoulder stand.

Gently down into resting,

curve up into fish,

eyes closed or open,

however you wish.

Let the moment embrace you,

assimilate your vinyasa,

exhale deeply,

melt completely,


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